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Cardio is important to your overall fitness and wellness with benefits that go well beyond just burning calories. It increases blood flow to your muscles, strengthens the heart and lungs and increases metabolism.


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In a Strength Training class, members can expect to use a variety of different equipment, which will contribute to their workout where they will build strength, get lean and toned, and develop coordination and balance. Strength Training classes also contributes to improving bone density, promoting fat-free body mass, and increasing the strength of connective tissue, muscles and tendons.


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Cycling is a heart-pumping workout that takes you on a stationary but sweaty ride of your life. Enjoy the authentic experience of cycling indoors where you will improve your cardio health, build lean and defined legs, train your abs and core, and enhance your mental strength.


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Mind and Body classes use breathing, focus and simple movements to help increase flexibility, strength and reduce stress. Exercises like yoga and barre can help decrease pain, discomfort, anxiety, all while enhance the quality of sleep, strengthen the immune system, and increase sense of control and well-being.

Bladium’s Group Exercise (Group X) classes are your ticket to fun and fitness! Select from a wide range of classes based on your areas of interest: cardio, strength, cycle or mind body. We are proud to offer the world-renowned Les Mills® programs, plus Bladium Barre, yoga and more.

Your membership gives you unlimited access to the entire fitness center and all Group X classes—attend as many as you want!  Contact our Group X Manager for help in selecting the right class for you, or simply visit any of our classes and see for yourself. You have dozens of workout partners you haven’t even met yet!


Group X Manager
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Katie is a mother of three, a Stapleton resident, and a veteran fitness instructor. With more than a decade of teaching at Bladium, she is committed to providing world-class fitness experiences and the highest-variety Group Exercise schedule in Denver.