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Season Starts January 15, 2018

Bladium offers recreational and competitive soccer leagues for players ages 16 years and above. Soccer enthusiasts at all skill levels can enjoy our well-organized indoor arena leagues, with play continuing throughout the year for non-stop fun on three indoor fields!

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Our three indoor arena turf fields are ready for play — Three 180′ by 80′ indoor soccer fields with professional dasher boards, indoor turf, plenty of spectator seating and professional scoreboard is the perfect venue for our indoor arena soccer leagues.

Field Rentals
Waiver Form

Bladium offers Members and Non-Members the opportunity to reserve a soccer field for their exclusive use for team practice, private pick-up games, or friends simply wanting to get a little extra playing time. Great for youth teams!

  • Choose full or half field.
  • All players are required to check-in at Front Desk.
  • All players are required to present ID.
  •  Payment must be made at time of reserving field.
  •  All Non-Members MUST sign a Bladium Waiver and Liability Release Form.
  •  Players under the age of 18 must have parents sign the Waiver form
  •  Indoor soccer shoes recommended.
  •  Covered shin guards required.

$150 per hour for a team practice (full field).
Availability is limited.

Bladium’s Beginner Soccer Clinics are a great way to learn the basics of soccer, and the Intermediate Clinics will help you sharpen those skills. These weekly adult clinics are the perfect first step for those considering joining a Bladium Soccer League or advancing to a higher level. Training sessions focus on individual offense, defense, and overall ball skills and incorporate scrimmages to work on game play and conditioning.

You can look forward to:

  • Learning the rules of the game.
  • Ball control skills.
  • Progression from drills to scrimmage.
  • Q&A opportunities with a trained coach.
  • Great for preparation to join a team.

Bladium Fitness Members: FREE
Sports Members: $5
Non-Members: $7

Waiver Form

Bladium casual pick-up games are perfect for those not in a league but who want to play, league players who want a little extra practice between games, meeting other soccer players, and simply staying in shape.

  • Reservations recommended.
  • Pick-up sessions limited to 18 players.
  • Sessions open to any players, male or female, any level.
  • Indoor soccer shoes recommended.
  • Covered shin guards required.
  • All players must check-in at the Front Desk.
  •  All players are required to present ID.
  • All Non-Members MUST sign a Bladium Waiver and Liability Release Form.
  • Players under the age of 18 must have parents sign a Bladium Waiver and Liability Release Form.

Bladium Club Members: FREE
Bladium Sports Members: $5
Non-Members: $7

If you (or you and a friend) don’t have a team, Bladium can try and place you on a House Team or another team. Just contact our Adult Soccer Manager at

Want to start a new team? We can help. Here’s why it’s cool to be a Bladium Captain or Coach.

Bladium Team Captain and Coach Benefits:

  • Complimentary Sports Membership
  • Free Pick Ups and Clinics
  • Captains’/Coaches’ Appreciation Party (Free Pizza, Beer, and Prizes)
  • Endless Respect and Loyalty from your Teammates, Players, and Parents!
Men, women, and co-ed teams are assigned to leagues based on their skill level and desired level of competition. Adult skill levels are designated as follows:

  • A-level teams are the highest level and are very competitive.  Players often have college or professional soccer
    playing experience.
  • B-level  teams are highly competitive. Players often have college playing experience.
  • C-level  teams are moderately competitive. Players have typically played in high school and continued playing for
  • D-level  teams are recreational. Players are those with some soccer playing experience.
Official Soccer Rules of Play
Reschedule Process


Adult Soccer Manager
303.320.3033 x113

Sean is a veteran of the Colorado soccer scene having played, coached, and refereed for the last 15 years. He continues to play daily and is a passionate supporter of Colorado soccer in all its forms.