In order to take your health and lifestyle to a new level, partnering with a Fitness Coach is a fantastic idea. People work with Coaches for a number of reasons, from simply getting the basics on fitness routines and nutrition, all the way to very specific training. Regardless of your goal, a Fitness Coach will help you reach a level of mastery faster! With a Final Move Fitness Coach to guide and motivate you, you’ll be amazed by your improved fitness level, focus, energy, and general well-being!

Final Move Fitness is an executive fitness coaching company. Their synergistic team is a group of intuitive, knowledgeable and service-minded professionals. Together, Bladium and Final Move Fitness uphold a higher quality of service to health. By empowering clients, the essence of Final Move Fitness expands far beyond the coaching sessions and into many lives. Final Move Fitness instills mindsets and behaviors that serve a healthy mind, body, and soul for decades!

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Is it time to MAKE YOUR MOVE? Come check out Bladium, where you’ll find a host of exciting classes, state-of-the-art equipment, and expert personal trainers to help you meet your goals.

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Serving more than 20 collective years in the Fitness industry, our Membership Coordinators are passionate about fitness and sports. We’re dedicated to helping as many people achieve their personal fitness, wellness, and health goals.